Dear Customers,

We’ve started adding pics and bios of our staff on the “Meet the Staff of the Second Crack” page! Head over there to say hello to our first staff person entry, Henry!

At 74, Henry is by far The Second Crack’s most senior staff members (or, as Henry says, “most experienced”). Henry is a retired Vietnam War veteran who came to The Second Crack after divorcing his wife of 52 years, when she learned he had an affair when he was 29. Henry loves his grandkids, playing cards with his buddies at the VFW, watching hockey, and napping in his trusty recliner. Henry is currently a greeter but is being considered for cash register. It’s safe to assume, however, that he won’t be receiving bar certification anytime soon, as he has no patience for “foofy drinks.”

Keep coming back to our website for more announcements and updates—we’ll be adding more staff pics and bios soon!

The Management