“Break the Big Eastern”

Dear Customers,

Welp, the results are in and many congratulations are in order for all the competitors who participated in this year’s Big Eastern barista competition! Here at the Second Crack, we are very proud of our own Axl Bradley, who managed to accomplish the unimaginable when he garnered a perfect score while still placing in dead last for the sixth consecutive year. Axl is, understandably, very disappointed in the SCAA’s decision to disqualify him since he spent hours upon hours crafting his performance but, as you can see read espresso machine reviews before buying it, his performance (while very, very impressive) probably warranted disqualification.

Here are the results from the competition (you can see a full listing of results HERE):

First Place and Your New Northeast Barista Champion) Sam Lewontin of Counter Culture Coffee, New York, NY!

Second Place) Hadassah Wilson of Square One Coffee, Lancaster, PA

Third Place) Michael Harwood of Ceremony Coffee, Annapolis, MD

Fourth Place) Erika Vonie of Everyman Espresso, New York, NY

Fifth Place) Sarah Leslie of Gimme! Coffee, Brooklyn, NY

Sixth Place) Steven Latham of Box Kite NYC, New York, NY

You can get a full video recap of the competition HERE (but don’t expect to find Axl’s routine on there, because #NSFW).

The Management


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