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Dear Customers,

Sorry, I haven’t been very active here at Life’s a Grind; life truly has been a grind lately and I just haven’t had much time to devote to creating quality comics for you all. I’ve been staying busy and keeping up with my drawings, though. In fact, during the month of October (the month also known as “Inktober”) I spent a lot of time lettering quotes from every episode of my all-time favorite television show, The X-Files.

I’ve had a whole lot of fun doing that, and what started as a month-long endeavor just to celebrate Inktober has become a daily illustrating exercise.

I’m still debating whether or not I want to post those illustrations here, but if you’d like to see them you can do so by clicking over to my website – JustCoffeeMaker.Com, Illustrashleys.

The truth is out there.

Trust No One,
The Management